Friendly Series #2 - National Dex DOU - won by bage1


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Unfinished game decisions:
Activity calls:
- Concept Everything did not complete scheduling with Terekusai. Terekusai is awarded the activity win.
- Mashin Sentai miscalculated the time zone difference with Astro Nation Shoe and missed the scheduled time, which was actually three hours prior to Mashin's message. Astro Nation Shoe is granted the win.


It's time for...

1-0 bracket:
Voltix  vs  YoBuddy
Kin+ak (✧∇✧)  vs  Daepiquejt
Kenpwnchi  vs  Astro Nation Shoe
Penter  vs  sundays
sir jelloton  vs  bage1
HoserGoat  vs  SpencerJRocks
Terekusai  vs  Marss Barss
Test Bots  vs  laptops
Farfromani  vs  ChainlessJoe (1-0 vs 0-1)

0-1 bracket
tkhanh  vs  squidheadss
xqiht*  vs  zee
dachunkymonky  vs  Riggerz
GasaiYunoSan  vs  Smudge*
Nido-Rus  vs  LameLiarLeo
AIRedzone  vs  Concept Everything
McBruh  vs  EatFoods
Mashin Sentai  vs  Staraptor

The deadline for this round will be Monday, January 29th at 11:59 PM GMT -5.
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Going to have to claim act... Again
Opponent hasnt scheduled back and have not been on smogon since Wednesday so unless they are able to play today when i am available i am going to have to claim act
Week two I battled HoserGoat and Won 2-1

Battle one was down to the wire and his perish trap core pulled the win out for them -

Battle 2 was cool, I used my unique pokemon to catch them off guard and win the game -

The Final Battle I used a booted Zygarde with tera steel to clutch the early game then I maneuvered arowned the king gambit, an won the game and the set -

HoserGoat was a great sport and good competition can't wait for week 3!

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